How do you collect metrics that prove that employees will use and benefit from your training after your presentation, workshop or multi-day session is complete?


Most measurement tools in the workplace today consist of surveys, tests/quizzes and interview questions delivered to the participants immediately after the training and sometimes at scheduled intervals. The “Happy Sheets” evaluating the training at its conclusion capture the overall rating for the material, the trainers’ competence and presentation skills and whether or not the learning can be applied to that employee’s work.

However, retention of the material by the employee and tracking how and when the employees use the training is much harder to do. And yet, that learning, in terms of new or improved skills, knowledge and attitudes, is the primary aim of a training event.

One solution

Whether your expertise lies in culture transformation, leadership behaviors, hiring for diversity, innovation, sales, skills or customer focus, you can demonstrate employee engagement by adding an accountability app for your participants to download post-training.

Why an app?

  • Universal availability — Whether at the office, on a sales call or at a remote site, employees are connecting through mobile technology.
  • Ease of use — Apps are also fun and easy to use vs. worksheets and surveys. Employees are used to be reminded what to do in their productivity apps. They use apps to schedule meetings and tasks. Everyone relies on app to notify and remind them. With email inboxes overwhelmed by volume, on-screen notifications are much more likely to be paid attention to during the workday.
  • Backend data collection — Apps collect usage data with every click. Simple calls to action track when and how an employee uses the lessons learned during the training.

Can you afford to add an app with your training?

AdviceCoach is the fastest, most affordable way to create an app for your training, and ensure the sustained use and value of your expertise and its ROI within your client’s business.

Differentiate your training from the competition with a tool that encourages and measures real-time employee engagement.

Break down the Key Learnings of your training into easy-to-schedule steps and track progress to increase motivation, as has been proven by Fitbit, the Apple Watch and other wearables.

AdviceCoach chose to go a step further and make sure that every user has the best possible personalized experience. We’ve designed the user experience based on the principles of motivational psychology, cognitive flow, and purposeful action. This is our “secret sauce” that offers an incredible competitive advantage to corporate trainers committed not only to teaching best practices, but also to following-through after the training to ensure that the business goals are met through the training’s implementation.

The benefits of having an interactive app:

  • Watch your training achieve the business goals of your clients as their employees work through your methodologies
  • Connect with your clients around their engagement with the material – far greater than the connection of trainer/trainee over a few hours.
  • Add exclusive content within the app and build your reputation as a thought-leader who is actively connected and in-tune with your audience.
  • And, learn from the data collected to shape the way you market your training and use its metrics to validate the ROI for sales presentation.
  • The trainers who make the investment to connect with, learn from and enhance their clients’ experiences will create and grow a loyal community of followers who benefit from and share their thought leadership.


SUMMARY — Validate the ROI and on-going Value of your Corporate Training

  1. Your clients need help taking the learnings from your training and then actually applying it at work. Training bundled with an app will solve this pain point. The Head of Training at your target enterprise customers will be able to validate their purchasing decisions by the data that you collect in the AdviceCoach post-training accountability app.
  2. Mobile technology is now the de facto choice for getting reminders — through push notifications and SMS. An app can send a reminder; a worksheet cannot. Users will engage with the material that they can interact with on their phone.
  3. An interactive app converts classroom or online-training into living, breathing activities which can be shared between trainers and their clients, forging a long-term relationship around reaching business goals.